Spa Lipka

Our spa is located in the beautiful foothills of Beskydy. It is a typical Finnish spa with outdoor and indoor cold zones, so it is the most popular especially in winter. Our goal is your satisfaction and opportunity for health promotion. We offer spa cycle length of 90 minutes, which are available only for your group of people, so advance reservations required. So, if you order by phone or online cycle you arrive and you can relax, because the whole room is only available for your group of people with whom you arrive. To improve spa cycle we use only natural essences.

Spa is connected to restaurant, which you during your cycle (but also before and after) available. You can order high-quality soft drinks, draft beer Bernard, sour milk, bread with horseradish and other household products that we currently available.

If you search for romance, you’re in the right place. You have the opportunity to come in two and enjoy the tranquility of romantic spa bath, in the case of interest and herbs. Or you can order a therapeutic massage and let your partner pampered.

But if you want absolute peace and privacy, you can order our complete romantic package that includes a spa bath and bed in our cozy apartment.

The ancient Romans had a spa visit, which included spa an integral part of the life of the middle and upper castes and the Nordic nations sweat bath has become a lifestyle and a part of life. On the history of the sweat bath is a visible shift in the number of users, which in the beginning were only the elect (rulers and spiritual), to today’s broad availability, which corresponds to this menu.

Many people today use sweat bath for ritual purification, as well as the detoxification effects. Spa has a beneficial effect on the skin and respiratory system, prevention of various diseases, incl. cardiovascular disease, and many other effects utužujících physical and mental condition. It is excellent for strengthening the immune system for both children and adults. If you become accustomed to regular spa, very reluctant to leave the habit of this, very reluctant to lose the feeling of revitalization, which always occurs after a spa bath and compacted by long-term health.
Although pohodárna is not an ordinary restaurant, it is open to anyone who wants to use her hospitality and peaceful environment for rest and relaxation. If you indulge visit and relax with us, whether for a spa bath itself or just for a sip of something good, will welcome guests and we we will aim to these moments as pleasant as possible – so that you are always happy to return.